There are loads of content being posted online, especially related to Tech!

Why is it so?

  • Because we love it.
  • Applications, machines, automation – have now become our day-to-day means. Something that we cannot live without. This is why people search about it, and why not!
  • People are craving for genuine reviews and blogs that are more informative and less biased.

This is when the blogging idea struck me, and my research and planning kicked off instantly.

Dating back to my childhood days, remembering how I was amazed at the concept of videos games. Look now we have 720p, 1080p HD display video games. The revolution of the phones has been similar too! That small kid’s keenness has not gone yet, and here I am trying different gadgets and learning new techs for the craze of it!

I am sure you will have a great time here, no matter if you are a techie-lover or not!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Mark Holston

Team NokiaColorCover